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The Game

Westend Studios is proud to present a new episode of "Space Quest".
Made in the style of Sierras old fashioned VGA releases, using the AGS engine by Chris Jones.

Space Quest IV.5 Roger Wilco and The Voyage Home

tells the story of Roger Wilco after his return from Space Quest XII to Magmetheus.  There, Roger meets the Latex Babes of Estros for the first time, chronologically. He visits another Galaxy Galleria, makes a pit-stop at Monolith Burger and begins after some trouble with the Latex Babes his training at Starcon Academy.


  • Full voice acting, including a narrator
  • Extended plot and new locations compared to the original Version of Space Quest IV.5 
  • A 75 minutes long orchestra Soundtrack 
  • many hours of fun
  • Over 90 interactive screens
  • Play a new adventure of your favorite Hero/Janitor

So what are you waiting for, DOWNLOAD now or watch the Intro on YOUTUBE


Space Quest, Roger Wilco and most of the other characters are  copyright by SIERRA On-Line /ACTIVISION.
Space Quest was created by Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy.