Official Homepage
17.05.2011 The Soundtrack of Version 3.0. is ready to download
25.09.2010 SITE RELAUNCH! As you can see, we re-designed our homepage. What do you think, anything else to improve? Let us know.
24.04.2010 Great News! We announce herewith that Version 3.0 will be available for download on April 24th 2010.
01.03.2010 The recording of the voices has been finished, now we have to add all stuff together, and we are done
31.12.2009 After over half an year another update. All roles are casted. Beta testing will start soon.
03.05.2009 Some more news, after the release of Version 2.0, we announce now: Space Quest IV.5 Roger Wilco and The Voyage Home V3.0. The complete text has been re-written and the casting for the voice actors is nearly done. We are about a year from release.
01.03.2009 Long time no news, but we started  a new version with some new scenes puzzles and soundtrack
03.07.2008 UPDATE. Version 1.1  is available and new download mirrors have been added. Thanks Daz, for the webspace. i'm thinking about doing a talkie version. Feel free to tell me, what you think about that.
16.06.2008 GREAT news! We are thrilled to announce that Space Quest IV.5 will be available for download on June 16th 2008.

Space Quest, Roger Wilco and most of the other characters are  copyright by SIERRA On-Line /ACTIVISION.
Space Quest was created by Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy.